FAQ illuminate UV

How does this work?

This Lash System uses an adhesive that’s cured using the included LED light. The adhesive contains a "photo initiator". Once the adhesive is exposed to the light, it cures almost instantly!

Can someone with allergies still receive this service?

In rare cases- Yes. Someone can still have an allergic reaction. Significant studies have shown that 8 out of 10 NO LONGER have an allergic reaction to this adhesive. However, this adhesive still has cyanoacrylate in it. Because the light INSTANTLY cures the adhesive to a hard finish that is why some do not react any longer.

How do I remove eyelash extensions with this method? 

Lashes can be removed the same way by using the tweezer "banana peel" method, or any lash remover. There is no different way to remove them. Same as always.

Is this light harmful?

As long as safety instructions are followed the light will not harm the eyes or skin. Looking directly into the light is not advised for you or your client. Although unnecessary you can wear UV protection glasses while performing this service. We also provide UV blocking tape, if you would like extra protection for your clients' eyes. This is good especially if their eyes flutter it will help keep them relaxed.


Will overhead lights effect this system?

No, you can continue to use whatever overhead lighting you use daily.


Is this system safe?

Yes. This lamp has undergone extensive testing and safety. The low level of wavelength this light projects is: 395-400NM which is eye and skin safe. Do not look directly into the light as that is not safe. It has the following safety certificates CE, FCC. It has been tested by third parties, reviewed by an ophthalmologist and deemed safe for the skin and eyes.

What is the UV adhesive shelf life?

The adhesive has a 3-month shelf life opened- 6-8months Unopened. Please avoid the bottle being exposed to the UV light at all times. Store it in the original foil pack, in a dark cool place.

How far away should the light be from my client?

The light should be placed 4-8" away from the client in order to cure the adhesive for best results.

Who is not a candidate for this system?

Pregnant or breastfeeding women unless approved by a doctor. The system should not be used if the treated person has any of the following symptoms in the area of the eye where the light from the system may shine:

Abrasions Keloid or unhealed scars Herpes Psoriasis Other infectious or inflammatory skin diseases Fungal infections Wounds Sunburn Neurodermatitis Skin Cancer.

The system should not be used if the user or the person being treated has the following symptoms:

Thyroid disease or any type of Opthalmic issues. (Cataract surgery etc.)