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Indigo UV adhesive

Indigo UV adhesive

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Newly launched UV adhesive. Blue tint to help you not over dip. The viscosity of this is thin- less chance of it traveling up the handmade fans and closing it. 

Cures immediately after the light hits it to a hard finish. 



Oil & water resistant.

Heat resistant.

Cure time: 1-2s after the light hits it.

Color: transparent blue tint

Level- Beginner to advanced lash technician.

Retention-4-8 week


Shelf life UNOPENED: 6 months

Shelf life OPENED: 2 months- without any exposure to direct sunlight or UV/LED light.

Removal: With ordinary removal or tweezer method.


Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Keep out of reach and sight of children. Use adhesive drop on matte non reflective adhesive base. 

Do not use on customers that a physician is treating for: Chemotherapy, epilepsy, pregnant women and surgical interventions without doctor consult.



Expected ship date: 6/18/24

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